Project Management

Barrnon is a UK-based, specialist engineering company providing exceptional turnkey solutions to address some of the world’s most challenging environmental threats. We specialise in robotic engineering solutions for harsh environments – including the decommissioning of some of the most prominent historic nuclear facilities.

We succeed by thinking differently – and by combining the skills of an exceptional, world-class team of designers, engineers and technicians.

Working to the highest technical standards, we’ve established a global reputation in a number of industrial sectors including nuclear decommissioning, oil & gas, defence & security, marine and agricultural.

Our end-to-end capabilities and agile working practices allow us to rapidly research, develop, prototype and test new designs while working closely at every stage with our on-site manufacturing team. This seamless integration of design and manufacturing capabilities reduces development time and ensures the delivery of complete solutions that are fit-for-purpose and ready to be deployed. Whatever your engineering challenge, however ‘impossible’ it seems, speak to Barrnon.